The Organisation
Behind Our Collections

We are a group of irregular minds designing fashion accessories with passion for creativity, focus on quality and admiration for the mother nature.

​We strive to put the most desirable finishing touches on the fashion items our clients invest their hearts and minds in.

​Our collections aim to reflect our unique approach to perfection of details tailored for a wide variety of styles and tastes, ranging from the most rebellious through to the most elegant.

We take pride in standing out in the crowd, delivering the unexpected and in devastating the underestimating.


We're committed to helping our clients succeed. It's what drives us to continually develop innovative textile accessories that deliver exceptional value.

​Inspiringly creative yet executable collections - The real value we create is not only in our uniquely artistic collections but also in their production friendly performance in terms of brand applicability and cost effectiveness. 

Collaborative coaching - We are proud to have a world-wide team of senior consultants who are dedicated to serving our clients in their design and collection development phases through understanding and internalizing their needs and demands, and working side-by-side with them through every stage of the process.
​World-wide delivery of local service quality - We provide high quality service coverage for the entire production hub of our clients thanks to our support network of delivering the same speed and care regardless of location or time zone. High adaptability to fast design and delivery pace - We design and scale our business to meet the high demands of the global fashion industry in terms of the speed required in the ever-changing design, production and delivery cycles. 

Genuine loyalty to sustainability and environmental awareness - We are proud to be extending our creativity to exploring ways to honor our responsibility to our environment, our planet, to each other and to the future generations while meeting our clients' needs of the present.