Back Patches

Leather Patches

We are supplying genuine leather patches are uniquely manufactured pieces of leather, commonly attached to mainly denim garments, could be debossed, embossed, embroidered, die-cut, hot foil stamping, or screen printed with custom artworks in requested sizes & quality. We are offering various types & finishes of real leather that best fits your desired look and feel.

The material quality and characteristics vary based on from where in the hide the finished leather comes from. Leather finishes we are supplying include aniline, semi-aniline, degrained, tumbled, metallic, nappa, nubuck, oily, patent, pigmented, printed, brush-colored, split, suede, and waxy. We are able to offer all referred qualities free of harmful substances, in total chromium free tanning (“Chrome 3” and “Chrome 6” free) or with “chrome 3” free tanning.

Plant Based Labels

Plant based leather is an innovative bio-based alternative which is made with waste recovered from the fruit juice industry. This vegan and cruelty -free final material is transformed from recovered waste product, resulting from juicing fruits on an industrialscale and that would otherwise be discarded.

This recovery process equates to less usage of virgin materials, and thus fewer natural resources being extracted from the planet, lower emissions and lower energy consumption across the entire supply chain. PB Leather patches are used to reinforce or decorate clothing, bags, and accessories. They can be custom designed with logos or images and sewn onto denim jackets, backpacks, hats, and purses. PB Leather patches also add a vintage or rugged look to garments and provide durability and protection against wear and tear. Many brands use increasingly PB leather patches on their products to showcase their logo or branding message.

Paper Jacrons 

Jacron paper is leather look like washable kraft paper made with cellulose. The patches made of jacron paper are durable, has high stitch tear, resistant to washing and outdoor exposure. These patches can be engraved, embossed, hot foil stamped, digital printed or screen printed like genuine leather. They are vegan leather alternative with its high strength and resistance to abrasion, lightweight, dimensionally stable and do not shrink or stretch.

​Jacron is used in clothing, shoes & bag industries and day by day with an increasing share is replacing leather patches due to its economic scale, stylish, cruelty free nature & natural look. In our collections we are increasingly representing Jacron patches not only suitable for vintage denims but also applicable to high end clean look denim with coated, laminated & digital printed versions.

PU Labels

Fake or Faux leather patches are produced from Poly Urethane material. Due to the price advantage PU patches commonly attached to everyday items, such as trousers, jackets hats, shirts etc. With customized logos and fine branding solutions is one of the most praised leather alternatives with its high durability, consistency, and quality.

With a variety of colors, tumbled or flat skin effects, could also be printed, laminated, engraved, or embossed, can easily be attached on garments, provides a leather look which is ideal for both internal and external applications, are free from all harmful substances. For your developments or catalogue requests please contact with our sales network.

Recycled Leather

Recycled Bonded leather is another item in our sustainable product range and is created by bonding scraps and fibers leftover from manufacturing genuine leather or end-of-life leather products, mixed with a polyurethane binder. Recycled leather patches are often used in our collections and are frequently requested and preferred by our clients.

The best substitute for natural leather has come to equal many of its characteristics, but at a lower cost and in respect of the environment, as it is produced by recycled leather scraps, leather dust and natural binders. Overall composition consists of %98 natural components.