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Sustainability in Art N Craft

The term "sustainability" is a broad concept and may be a difficult one to define for several industries. 

However, in the industry we are in, we are excited to be finding various opportunities to honor our commitment to sustainability, which we take seriously. 

Although most industries aim to increase recycling, there in fact is a major challenge in serving to its true purpose that many manufacturers are missing while aiming to acquire the right to use world-wide recognizable 'recycled/recyclable icon'. Recycling often has a less-than-desirable impact on the environment if in the process the environmental footprint is not improved. The true challenge is to avoid having to use more material and energy in the process of recycled production. This is the only way to create a net positive effect on both the environment and the economy. At Art N Craft, we define "sustainability" as an integral part of our business vision and strategy and align it with our core values and strengths, on which we build the quality and the longevity of our business. 



We strive to meet our clients' needs of the present, without compromising any of our responsibilities to our environment, our planet, to each other and to the future generations. To deliver on this promise to ourselves, to our clients and to our planet, we build our approach on 2 main pillars:


the sustainability story in our collections:

Economic, social and environmental responsibility is a mindset that drives everything we do, say and create.

The traditional metal plating and finishing process is one where water, electricity and chemicals usage is unavoidable and therefore is less-than-desirable for environmental sustainability. Our eco-range metal buttons stand out in the industry for their new and improved eco-friendly finishing process which has successfully and significantly reduced use of water, electricity and chemicals.


Total chrome-free leather patches are produced from leather hides which is tanned vegietable sourced.

Jacron paper is a sustainably produced sheet of washable kraft paper made with cellulose. It was designed for manufacturing brand tags for jeans in 1980s to replace leather jacrons due to this paper's similar durability and water-resistance as well as it being cruelty-free. This sustainable vegan leather alternative is one of our main materials of preference and is heavily used in our collections replacing leather patches. 

Recycled leather is another item in our sustainable product range and is created by bonding scraps and fibers leftover from manufacturing genuine leather or end-of-life leather products, mixed with a polyurethane binder. Recycled leather patches are often used in our collections and are frequently requested and preferred by our clients.



Plant based leather is an innovative bio-based alternative which is made with waste recovered from the fruit juice industry. This vegan and cruelty -free final material istransformed from recovered waste product, resulting from juicing apples on an industrialscale and that would otherwise be discarded. This recovery process equatesto less usage of virgin materials, and thus fewer natural resources being extracted from the planet, lower emissions and lower energy consumption acrossthe entire supply chain. This attractive, innovative and high -performance material that upcycles waste material hastaken its place in our collections as of 202

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