Paper Tags

Hang Tags

Hang tags are a classic marketing tool that has been used for centuries to promote products and convey important information to consumers.

These small pieces of paper or cardboard are attached to clothing, accessories, or other merchandise using strings or ribbons.

Hang tags serve multiple purposes, including branding, pricing, and providing product details.

Moreover, hang tags play a crucial role in pricing products. They often display the price prominently so that customers can easily determine if it fits within their budget. Additionally, hang tags can include promotional offers or discounts to entice potential buyers.

Back Pocket Flashers

The back pocket flasher is a removable tag, usually placed on the right back pocket of jeans.

It was first introduced in 1937 by Levi’s to highlight the continued presence of the rivets on back pockets, 
The adoption of the back pocket flasher became almost ubiquitous throughout the jeans industry: companies like Lee have used the flasher of their iconic Rider model to evoke the lifestyle that they were designed for; a cowboy taming a wild mustang.

The back pocket flasher is another jeans branding element that has withstood the test of time, and even the original designs have proven to be so influential that modern brands continue to draw inspiration from them.


Jocker Tags

A type of paper tag that is folded around the waist of clothing.

Comes in various styles and designs, including vintage and contemporary options.

Essential for garments, providing details on size, fit, and price.

Particularly suitable for pants and denim.

Can be combined with hangtags, pocket flashers, labels, etc. to create a cohesive collection.

Size Strips

Clothing adhesive strip that indicates the size and fit of a garment.

It is essential for providing information about the size and fit of the clothing item.

It is cost-effective and can be easily manufactured. It allows for creative designs and is particularly useful for pants and denim.

It is recommended to be used in conjunction with hangtags, pocket flashers, labels, and other items to create a cohesive collection.

Woven Printed Flasher

Woven printed pocket flashers are an essential requirement for branding and identification purposes.

They are commonly found on clothing, accessories, and other textile-based products.

Back pocket woven printed labels, in particular, are labels that are typically sewn on the outside of the back pockets of pants or jeans.

These labels may contain the brand name, logo, care instructions, or other relevant information.

Back pocket woven printed labels are an effective way to promote brand recognition and add value to the product.