Woven Labels

Cotton Printed Label

Cotton Twill and Cotton Canvas Printed Labels create a natural and organic look for your clothing and fashion products. Cotton Twill is soft and still very durable which makes it perfect for any type of branding needs. Cotton Canvas is thick and excellent for a rugged look. Your custom artwork is printed using flexographic ink on a cotton textile that is woven in a series of diagonal and parallel ribs that create a unique and natural look.

We can dye or bleach cotton twill and canvas labels for a fee. Please ask a sales rep for information.

Cotton printed labels have naturally frayed edges creating an authentic look. Dark color ink is preferable as any light or pastel color ink can appear lost in the natural beige background color. Please discuss with your sales rep the kind of look or style you want to achieve.

Satin Woven Label

Satin woven labels may be of interest if you're seeking for something smooth, opulent, and vintage-looking. Satin fabrics are excellent for formal clothing, lingerie, and children's clothing. Satin's translucency allows the logo color to tint the background color, and it is only available with black, beige, and white backdrop threads.

Damask labels do not weave small elements and lettering as well as satin, which has a more recognizable weave. The background of your label is woven using satin polyester threads, while the text and design are woven using standard damask polyester threads.

Tyvek Printed Label

The most typical places to find Tyvek Printed Labels are on cushions and furniture pieces including sofas, chairs, and beds. Flash-spun, high-density polyethylene fibers are used to create Tyvek, a thin, paper-like synthetic material. On the side seams of some casual clothing, you can also find Tyvek printed labels that serve as care labels. 

Tyvek can be itchy and unpleasant to the skin, hence we do not advise using it on skin. Given that satin printed labels are more affordable than tyvek, we advise purchasing these for care labels instead.

Care Label

Care guidelines are modest answers to significant issues. Consumers can find instructions for caring for clothing on care labels, including the best cleaning methods to employ depending on the fabric, thread embellishment, and manufacturing methods used. The appearance and fit of the garment will be preserved after numerous cleaning procedures if the care instructions are followed.

From the perspective of a manufacturer, damage to clothing caused by improper washing techniques can result in complaints, expensive client returns, and a negative reputation. Contrarily, incorrect or poorly written care instructions might lead to unhappy customers. From the perspective of the consumer, precise and well-written care instructions function as a cleaning manual and affect buying. Easy-to-care-for clothing is frequently favored over.

Size Label

Each item of clothing has a size label that gives valuable information. The most popular color combinations of white/black and black/white are available on our size labels, which come in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL in sizes 34 to 54. We can sell the labels for less since we make them in larger quantities. sold in 250-piece sets.

Select size labels that are printed on organic cotton (GOTS-certified) or woven from recycled polyester.  

Size labels make guarantee that customers can navigate store shelves with ease. Additionally, the buyer will be able to make an identical fit determination the next time they buy from your company. Therefore, be sure to order your size labels.